What Can New Age Smart Cars Offer Us?

Transportation industry is bringing technological advancements to vehicles. The industry is adopting new transport technologies to offer better experience to the customers by employing new machines and tools.

The advancements in transportation technology are bringing more innovations to the industry. Some of them are next-gen GPS devices, high speed railway networks, self-driving automobiles, gyroscopic vehicles and smart cars.

Smart cars are usually two-seater cars, which are mainly used to drive across the city. As a matter-of-fact, these cars were popular on the streets of Europe since 1990. But it was first introduced in the USA on January 2008. Since then, it has gone through many changes and new smart cars offer us new facilities.

Reasons to Drive Smart Cars


Buying a car may cost a lot, but buying a smart car costs less when compared to other traditional cars. A base model smart car offers fuel efficiency close to 67 miles per gallon.


Luxury brands are now manufacturing smart cars and these luxury brands always focuses on giving the best driving experience to its customers.

Cheap Insurance

Smart car comes with cheap insurance policies because of its low maintenance costs and smaller size.

Two/Four Seat Options

Smart car offers great flexibility as you can choose between a two seat or a four seat car option according to your requirement.

Beats traffic

Smart cars are usually small, but they offer services such as anti-lock braking system, brake assist, tire pressure monitoring system, multiple airbags, cruise control, hill assist, central locking and more based on its model. This type of car is the most favored car among other small cars and these cars comes with a top speed of 96 miles per hour.


Latest smart cars have features like Bluetooth connection, aux connection, radio turner and more based on the model. Some models offer roofs which can be raised or lowered in 12 seconds.

Stress-Free Parking

Thanks to its small size, smart cars overcomes all difficult situations and finds space for parking. Smart cars can be parked on tighter driveways, super market parking or narrow city roads.

Electric Smart Cars

Smart cars are designed to provide the best possible driving experience to its users. Users can always choose between electric, or hybrid versions of the car. An electric smart car can accelerate to 60kW power and travel at a speed of 99 miles per hour.

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