The Latest Innovations in Transportation Technology

The transportation industry is one of the ever-progressing fields, especially with the rise of technological advancements. Note that innovative technologies are redefining the way people used to commute traditionally. Some of the amazing transportation technologies that adorn the top positions when it comes to the latest transportation revolution are given below.

The internet of things

According to the internet of things, all devices and people can be connected using networks. This vast interconnection of networks tends to play a huge role in the way people commute every day. Some of the amazing applications of this transport technology include;

  • Route planning – while traveling, you can communicate with GPS services using the sensors in your car or other vehicles. This way, you can figure out the fastest route to your desired destination. You can find multiple directions to the same place on the heads-up display of your car; choose the best option and drive along.
  • Accident prevention – some sensors can assess the proximity of other vehicles and objects on the road with your car. This way, a driver can always position their vehicle safely and avoid collisions. Some cars are equipped with technology that can even take precedence over driver controls in order to avoid collisions.
  • Safety – a set of sensors installed in the seat belt of the driver can easily monitor his/her physiological indicators and figure out whether the driver is suffering from intoxication or fatigue. If the results are positive, the vehicle will stop functioning for the safety of the driver as well as the fellow-passengers.

Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars are self-driving cars, as the name indicates. It is capable of sensing the traffic or surrounding environment and drives safely with minimal to no human effort. This concept has become a reality with the introduction of Tesla and Google cars. Even though many people are encouraging this development, some are opposing this owing to the safety of the public.

However, autonomous cars are sure to be an indispensable choice in the future and it will also help the vehicle reach its desired fuel economy. Needless to mention, this will lead to less fuel consumption as well as reduced vehicle ownership cost.

Lightweight automobile parts

Automobile manufacturers are keen on designing vehicles that boast high efficiency and excellent performance. Note that many studies conducted in the field have shown that you can improve the fuel economy phenomenally by reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.

According to the estimate published by the federal government, the gallon of gas emitted by the vehicles will be reduced by 5 billion in 2030 just if 25% of the vehicles use light-weight materials. In this case, the main objective will be to omit automobile parts made of cast iron and steel.

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