Researchers Studying Transport Technology For Those With Disability

Future Transport Technology
Future Transport Technology
Future Transport Technology
Future Transport Technology

Australia’s University of Queensland’s research professionals will enlist dementia patients and their caregivers as part of a study on emerging types of transportation technology.

Modern technology changes how we travel. Anyhow, the researchers feel that a change from public transportation and public cars are likely to leave dementia patients lonely and vulnerable. UQ’s researcher, Jacki Liddle stated that there are perhaps ways in which transport technologies could aid dementia patients in improving their standard of health and independence level.

Liddle stated that a personalized and responsive transportation system is likely to positively affect individuals who have dementia. This form of transport could let individuals keep engaging with their social circles meaningfully. That said, Liddle also highlighted the significance of considering dementia patient requirements when new technologies are being developed. According to her, only then the advantages of the technologies can be realized.

A team of interdisciplinary experts will conduct the study, which is expected to take 24 months to complete. The team will be made up of those who research on health, ethics, technology and psychology, plus individuals with lived experience. The following things are expected in the research.

  • Collecting details regarding present transportation technology and future transportation technology; and,
  • Identifying potential problems from the viewpoint of dementia patients and their caregivers, plus stakeholders in technology and transportation.

The team will form important considerations for the process of developing future transport technology and research. One of the dementia-affected project investigators named Dennis Frost stated that including those with live experience at this research phase mattered.

The other members of the team are Peter Worthy, Eileen Taylor, Nancy Pachana, Dubhglas Taylor, and Cynthia Forlini.

For your information, serious dementia is among the many different conditions of disability that is difficult to solve. People diagnosed with it find it difficult to move around. Disability has an effect on transportation, so it is natural that several studies are done on this matter.

Another piece of research has started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the influence of driverless cars on individuals having disabilities. It is pretty difficult for several individuals to move around in their wheelchairs. Therefore, they are made to rely on purpose-built transportation services. Several transportation services such as paratransit are costly for customers, so researchers are naturally looking into future options. Let us hope that positive discoveries will be made from these pieces of research for individuals with some forms of disability.

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