Modern Technologies In Railway Transportation

Driverless Cars
Driverless Cars
Future Transport Technology
Future Transport Technology

Railway transportation is an important part of every economy. Just like every other field, railway transportation is also undergoing many technological innovations. Different aspects like passenger experience, safety enhancements, infrastructure upgrade, organizational capability, etc are considered while bringing technological advancements in railway. Let’s take a look at some modern technologies in railway transportation.

Hydrogen Trains

We all know the disadvantages of fuels that are used today. In a situation where global warming is quite common, it is time to think about other fuels. There are many companies which are looking forward to replacing the traditional fuels with hydrogen-powered multiple-units. Some units in Germany have already started using this since 2018. Each unit is mounted with a hydrogen tank on its roof which can provide a range of 1,000km which is enough for a full day’s operation. There are many reasons to select hydrogen. The first thing is that it is the most abundant element in the universe. It does not have any kind of harmful emissions. By product of using hydrogen is pure water and this water can be used to extract more hydrogen. Many other countries are now trying to implement this.

Facial Recognition At Train Stations

This is a technological innovation where passengers can pay with face recognition. Manned ticketing stations are no longer required when we implement this technique. This innovation has been in use at Wuhan which is a province in China. The data of the passengers are taken from the state id database. This technology can also help security forces in their jobs. Many countries have plans to start using facial recognition for different uses at railway stations.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has many applications in the field of new transportation technology. Condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance can easily be done. The components of the railway system are constantly monitored and it signals whenever there is a need for replacement. AI can also be used to monitor timings and cut down delays by identifying their cause.

Automated Trains

Automation is applied in railway transportation in various grades. Automated trains require very less manual intervention in operation, hence manual labor can be reduced. It is usually implemented in remote areas.

Rail-Passenger Focused Apps

Nowadays many mobile apps are there which allows passengers to book tickets, check train timings, and location very easily. Some apps also provide the option to get food and refreshments during the journey. Railway applications are quite common these days.

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