Important Advancement in Transportation Technology

New Transportation Technology
New Transportation Technology
Advancement In Transportation Technology

Transportation is a field that is utilizing the vast possibilities of technological innovations for its betterment. Advancement in transportation technology has created a great impact in this field ranging from the addition of GPS for navigation to driverless vehicles. New technologies are still being developed to improve transportation and they are promised to reshape this sector entirely. Following are some of such technologies that will revolutionize the way people move.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With the development of the Internet of Things, it became possible to connect people and devices through networks. These wide networks that are interconnected can have an impact in different aspects of our daily driving including the below mentioned.

Route Planning: Sensors placed in the vehicle can communicate with GPS for finding out the best route and will display this route to the driver with the help of some display devices.

Accident Prevention: Sensors will be also useful to alert the driver about the other vehicles’ positions. This will help to control collisions. The cars may even override driver control for preventing an accident.

Safety: It is possible to detect the condition of the driver with the aid of a series of sensors placed in the seatbelt. These sensors will track the physiological condition of the driver to find out if the driver is intoxicated or fatigued. If the driver fails any of these tests, then the vehicle becomes inoperable.

Autonomous cars

With the development of driverless transport system invented by Google, Tesla, etc., the idea of autonomous cars is now becoming a reality. Even though there are still many safety concerns regarding these vehicles, the continued research going on in this field will make it possible for developing such cars that will make a great alternative for human drivers.

Lightweight vehicle materials

The performance and efficiency are two important features that are desired in all vehicles. The weight of a vehicle can have a significant impact on these factors as fuel consumption increases with increase in weight. Therefore, efforts are going on in the transportation industry for developing lightweight materials that will reduce the weight of the vehicles.

On-demand ride services

The services like Uber and Lyft have drastically changed the way people living in larger cities use transportation. Now the riders are able to summon a vehicle whenever and wherever they want with the help of these apps. This can be helpful in reducing private vehicles on the road thereby enhancing road safety.

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