How Will Drones Impact The Delivery Business?

New Transportation Technology
New Transportation Technology
New Transportation Technology
New Transportation Technology

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Miniature Pilotless Aircraft, Flying mini-robots, or in short drones are a new transportation technology that is rapidly growing in popularity. Individualists, commercial units, and government agencies have come to realize that drones have multiple usages which include express shipping and delivery of goods. It is a constantly evolving future transportation technology. Many e-commerce companies like Amazon, Zomato, etc have started using drones for their service.

The main motto behind using delivery drones is to cut down the time taken to deliver packages. Also, the traditional methods find it difficult to reach remote areas as the urban areas are becoming more and more congested. However, using delivery drones have their benefits as well as challenges to be implemented in the delivery business.


Let’s focus on the possible benefits it could bring in the delivery business.

Reduced Delivery Time

Unlike traditional transportation systems, drones can carry the goods to the location without getting affected by traffic, and also it doesn’t have to follow a predefined path. Many optimization algorithms can be used in a drone delivery system to find the shortest path.

Reduced Cost Of Transportation

The cost of fuel used for road transportation is increasing day by day.  Since drones take very little time to deliver packages, it will have a positive impact on the transportation cost. Drone delivery also does not require human effort.

Less Chance Of Damage To The Goods

The drone fly is pretty smooth and there is very little chance of goods getting damaged.

Reduced Environmental Pollution

Drones do not emit any kind of harmful gases that cause a threat to the environment and thus they reduce air pollution.


  • Due to the limitation in the built-in battery system, drones can only cover small distances and it requires multiple landing stations.
  • Environmental conditions like wind, heavy rain, etc will affect the delivery.
  • There are limitations in the weight of goods a drone can carry at a time.
  • Developing an algorithm that finds the most optimized path can also be a challenge.

Even though drones have all these limitations, people have started using them for a long time now and they are undergoing many technological improvements. Many are doing different kinds of research to come up with prototypes that can overcome all the existing limitations. Nowadays drones are being equipped with a different system which enables them to take responsive actions against the obstacles found in their path. In this way, drones can be developed to replace the whole traditional transportation system used in the delivery business.

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