Future Transport Technologies To Look Out For

New Transportation Technology
New Transportation Technology
New Transportation Technology
New Transportation Technology

Transportation technology has come a long way and is still in the pursuit of perfecting and innovating itself. From the days of discovering the wheel to autonomous cars – the road traveled by mankind has been long.

The age of futuristic transportation has been kind and we are yet to see some thrilling and advanced modes of transportation that would make its predecessors seem like an archaic contraption. The transportation sector has been steadfast, with autonomous cars marking the beginning of this exciting century of transportation advancement and innovation. However, that is not all – we will be taking a look at what is in store for us in the coming decades with regards to new transportation technology. Read on…

Upcoming Transportation Technology  

Gone are the days of staying awake behind the wheel. Viral clips of Tesla drivers sleeping behind the wheel have taken over the internet. Much like Tesla, many other companies are announcing the plans to launch autonomous cars. This complements the recent developments in cloud computing tech along with AI and IoT. 

Waymo is another car manufacturer that is at the forefront of the autonomous revolution – just a tad behind Tesla. Autonomous cars will change the way we look at cars and will be the next change that shakes the automobile industry since its inception at the beginning of the 20th century. 

New-Age Subways 

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and other ventures like PayPal and SpaceX, has set his sights on yet another future transport technology, that will shape the way we get from place A to B. The next project in line for this maverick is the construction of futuristic subway systems.

Tesla has begun work into the project in Los Angeles – A tunnel in the city that will transport people at staggering speeds of 150mph in their vehicles or using personal pods. The system will help in clearing and ridding the road of cars and allow for traffic and commuters to get from one place to another swiftly. The potential for this technology is beyond what we can perceive.


This is one particular future transport technology that has been talked about for quite some time now. The system would comprise of sealed tubes through which pods will travel free of air resistance or friction. The pods can carry anything from people to goods at remarkably high speeds exceeding 600mph – this is around twice the speed that is achievable by most superfast trains; even bullet trains will fail in comparison. Hyperloop and Tesla are two companies that are actively working on setting the benchmark.

Tesla has made way, by means of building a 500-meter long test tunnel in the Nevada Dessert. The challenge of this particular transportation technology is to build a vacuum tube that covers hundreds of miles. Plus, the hyperloop can only travel in a straight line, or else the passengers would fall ill at some high speeds. We are keeping close tabs of this technology and its advancements in the coming years.

Flying Taxis And Cars

This seems like a tech that is pulled straight out of a utopian fantasy novel. However, the flying taxi project is as realistic as it can get. Many companies have begun to pour in resources to making this technology a work of fact and not fiction. Some of the trailblazers include the likes of Airbus, Boeing, and Uber.

There has been an agreement between NASA and Uber – Uber will be implementing an urban aviation rideshare network while NASA will be pouring in the latest in airspace management modeling and assessment, to understand the short and long-term effects of having small independent aircraft take to the skies and in a crowded environment.

Convertible Cab Stores

The ability for ride-sharing cabs to morph into different forms may be a reality in the not so distant future. This means that the functionality and versatility will be enhanced. Toyota has set the pace with the help of its e-Palette technology that allows for a cab to be transformed into a delivery van.

What this essentially means is that you could have a cab in the morning and a cloth selling store in the evening and maybe a food-delivery truck by the time the sun has set. Companies will be able to modify their fleet of vehicles depending on the need, allowing for personalization that is beyond what is conceivable.

The Final Thought

The world of Futuristic transportation technology will be an exciting one, to say the least. The dependence on the human touch will reduce, and we will progress more to an “I-robot” way of getting around. To say that it is exciting to be a part of this process, would be an understatement. Keep your eyes peeled out for the next big thing in futuristic transportation technology.

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