Frequently Asked Questions About Underground Tunneling

Transportation involves the movement of things or people from one place to another. The face of transportation has evolved so much over time. Presently, there are so many different modes of transportation like roadways, waterways, and airways. Transportation technologies include the newest inventions and upgradations that have been developed for making transportation better. There are so many developments taking place in transportation and one among those is underground tunneling. Some of the commonly asked questions about this new transportation technology are as follows.

What Are Underground Tunnels?

Underground tunnels are one of the most recent developments in transportation. The idea is to dig tunnels under the ground in cities where the traffic is so much crowded. More than a new transportation technology, it is a new mode of transportation. This will help in reducing the traffic jams by diverting heavy vehicles and those people traveling long distances to an underground passage. This will also reduce the time required for traveling from one place to another.   

Why Underground Tunnels?

As we all know, roadways are the primary mode of transportation for us. For moving from one place to another, the most convenient mode is traveling by road. Even though waterways and airways are available, it is not efficient for short distance trips. However, the increase in the number of population and an increase in the affordability of automobiles have crowded the roadways. Even though the governments are ready to improve the infrastructure, there is no scope for the same. This is the reason for the emergence of underground tunnels.

Why Did It Take So Long For The Emergence Of Underground Tunnels?

The idea of underground tunnels has been present for a long time. However, this idea was not technically and financially feasible in the past. Now the situations have changed. Even though it is still a highly expensive procedure to tunnel a whole city or country, there are many new technologies available to reduce the efforts. Presently, the researches have invented so many methods to make the tunnel boring machines more effective. The new updates have also made room for reducing the working cost of this type of machinery. 

Will Tunnels Withstand An Earthquake?

Tunnels are not only capable of standing intact during an earthquake but also protecting the structures above them from collapsing. If a tunnel is designed and built perfectly, it will be the safest place for people to seek refuge during any natural disaster. Tunnels are not actually new for humans because presently there are many tunnels in hilly areas. In addition to that, most people are also familiar with subways that are running through underground tunnels. From all these examples, we can infer that tunnels are safe, even during an earthquake.

Will The Process Of Construction Create Surface Damage?

It is one of the major concerns of people when hearing about underground tunnels. It is normal to worry about the structures that are affixed to the ground when someone is planning to dig large holes under it. However, this concern is not necessary for underground tunnels. This is because the tunnels will be made about 28 feet under the ground. Hence the construction process will not affect the stability of structures above it.

Will It Reduce Pollution?

Pollution is one of the biggest problems faced by the modern world. due to the increase in vehicles, the atmosphere has got contaminated and it is one of the major reasons for global warming. The increase in the number of vehicles has also resulted in noise pollution. However, with the help of underground tunnels, the problem of pollution can be drastically reduced. When the vehicles are running beneath the ground, the noise and harmful air will not reach the surface. This will result in reduced atmospheric pollution.

How Will The Government Manage The Residue Formed While Digging?       

It is certain that during the process of making tunnels, a large volume of dirt and soil will come to the surface from the ground. It can be managed in different ways. It can be transported and dumped into the sea; however, it will cause other problems like water pollution. Therefore, the most effective plan is to make bricks with the excavated soil. It is a common practice followed by people during the process of making subways and it can be utilized for underground tunnels also. A major portion of this soil can also be used for the further construction of the tunnel.

Underground tunnels are one of the innovative ideas that can change the face of road transportation. Even though it has not yet emerged, many countries are planning to construct underground tunnels to reduce the number of vehicles in the existing traffic.

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