Five Transportation Technologies that will Bloom in the Coming Years

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Transportation Technology

Over the past years, the re-occurrence of new technology has helped people to improve the quality of our living and also in helping to carry out the day to day activities. Most of the advancements in the transport sector have happened as a result of the invention and creation of new ways that help in reducing the stress to live an improved life. 

With the advancement in the transportation technology, we are now able to see self-driving cars that drive on predetermined routes, as well as trains that are ready to use magnetic rail systems, and hyperloop trains that can run at a speed of 800 miles per hour. Modern ways of transportation experience several major changes and these are set to mark many innovative occurrences in the transportation sector.  

All these innovations that are discussed above are set to happen in the coming years and are not just illusions. A few of these have already started to transport people and this has increased the level of certain industries (like truck production companies, transport companies, car shipping carriers, etc.) to become more efficient. With the advancements in transportation technology, global truck production has reached 4.02 million units from 3.60 million units (during 2015) by the end of 2017. In addition to this, the global bus production has also risen to 429,838 units in 2018 from 390,466 units in 2015. The increased production of buses and trucks during the last years indicates the rise in demand for passenger transport. 

There is an increase in the demand for electric trucks, autonomous driving, electric buses, and smart transportation solutions all of which are seen as the top transportation trends, according to the MarketsandMarkets analysis. 

The improvement of transportation technology has several important benefits such as reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases, improving the quality of air, and supporting economic development. Listed below are transportation technologies that would bloom in the future. 

Future Transport Innovations and Subways 

Transportation technologies such as hyperloop are very effective in transporting maximum people to great distances in a short time. There are also other forms of transport technology which most people are unaware of.

The developments in high-speed rails have been delayed due to the difficulties in managing the air resistance and friction, both of which are considerable when vehicles take high speeds. The vactrain concept cut off these problems theoretically by employing magnetically running trains in evacuated tubes, which allows a minimum speed of at least thousands miles per hour. 

Stronger Global Positioning System (GPS) 

GPS is not a new phenomenon as we know and it has been in use for over ten years. But there is a major difference while comparing modern GPS with the earlier models that were mostly found in the hardware. 

The availability of GPS devices was very limited during the past and those were used to only calculate mileages to find out an estimated time to reach the final destination. But now, with the advancement of transport technology, new models of GPS devices are developed which are often more resourceful. 

In addition to the fact that they help fulfill the basic functionality of planning a trip, a few auto-transport companies make use of GPS units to make adjustments to know about weather and traffic conditions that are favorable for travel. With the use of GPS, the traffic condition of all the routes can be known thereby helping you to select the best route to take.

The Development of Water-Fueled Cars

A water-fueled car is an automobile option that theoretically derives energy directly from the water. These types of cars have been a subject for several international newspapers, patents, websites, local news coverage, and popular articles in many science magazines. It is very similar to the driverless cars that have been made into reality as water-fueled cars are been on trial by numerous scientists to make it into a reality. 

Advancement of High- Speed Rail Network

High-speed rail networks are seen to be generating a lot of interest around the world over the past years. South Korea has recently started building a maglev train that operates with the Incheon Airport and it can transport passengers over two hundred miles between Nagoya and Tokyo. This often helps in freeing the congested roads, reducing air pollution and also accidents. The only major issue concerning maglev trains is the high cost of development. 

String Theory Transportation Development

String theory is a set of attempts that are used for modeling the fundamental interactions like strong nuclear force, gravitation, weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, etc. Quantum theory in the transportation field is based on using 2 strings along with a wheeled vehicle riding on them. It is a new low-cost transport system and can go through everything such as forests, water, towers, and deserts.

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