Drones: Changing The Way We Move Things

Driverless Transport
Driverless Transport
Future Transport Technology
Future Transport Technology

A simple search on the latest future transport technology will yield you either drone technology or driverless car and trucks. Both are interesting prospects that only prove how far we have come as a whole, and how far science and technology have pushed the barriers of what is fiction and what isn’t. What may seem like a concept right off of the Hollywood blockbuster “I Robot,” has jumped out from the silver screens and on to our complicated lives.

The Age of Drones

The idea of having thousands of drones zipping by above us, to deliver pizza, medicine, parcels, mail and medium sized items is not new. As a matter of fact, there are several transportation tech companies that are part of big names such as Walmart, UPS, Amazon, Google and many others who want to be the first to cut out a nice piece of pie from this particular niche.

Drone Delivery Service- Can It Be The Future?

It was a couple of years back that Amazon had announced that their smile emblazoned packages would be finding their way to your home with nothing but a drone. Many of the skeptics believed this to be a publicity stunt for some PR engagement points. So where are we in the grand scheme of things?

Lo and behold! We are closer than ever to seeing the dream of these futuristic drones bringing in packages, via Amazon’s Prime Air Delivery Service.

When you break the logistics down, it does make it more “environmentally responsible” to have these airborne, battery-powered drones delivering your stuff rather than gas-guzzling trucks traveling through the road. The emissions are much lower and will make a significant difference in the carbon footprints we leave behind.

However, one of the major flaws with drone parcel delivery is the lack of designated delivery zones. Think of it in this way-when packages are handed to residences or businesses, they are deposited in mailboxes or left on the porch, or say to the doormen. None of these are viable with drone delivery services.

Creating an infrastructure that solely caters to the convenience and the security of the packages that are dropped behind, will require a ton of capital and ingenuity. It is for this reason that we are still somewhat far from implementing this service around the world.

We are still on the back foot and it is only time that will tell you if drones can actually be a means to supplement present delivery services or substitute it.

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