A List Of Advancements In Transportation Technology

Transportation technology is in the phase of revolution. The advancements in technology have paved the way for the development of new transportation technologies that are entirely reshaping this sector. These technologies have increased the efficiency of transportation to a greater extent. New technologies are still being introduced in this field that can create revolutionary changes in the transportation sector. The following are a list of such technologies that had brought tremendous changes in the transportation industry. These technologies helped in the improvement of transportation facilities and ensured more convenience for the users.

Internet Of Things

Internet of things (IoT) facilitated the interconnection of different devices without human intervention. These devices and systems are capable of communicating with each other for ensuring better coordination between them. With the help of the internet of things, all people and systems are connected together with the help of a network. This vast connection of networks has great potential for influencing our daily transport. The following are some of the important uses of IoT in our daily driving:

  • Route Planning: Sensors, which are a basic part of IoT systems, in the vehicle will be able to communicate with the GPS services for determining the easiest and fastest route for you. This route will be then displayed on a head-up display from which the drivers can get directions for driving along the right route.
  • These systems can also alert you about traffic jams or slow-moving traffic so that you can find an alternative path. It will also help you to determine whether there are any problems along your path for rerouting your journey.
  • Accident Prevention: Sensors can detect the presence of other vehicles and it can alert the driver about the position of these vehicles on the road for finding out if there is any chance for an accident to occur. Some IoT systems can even override the driver controls for avoiding an accident. Hence, these systems will be of great help to increase road safety and reducing the number of vehicle collisions.
  • Safety: Different IoT systems are available that are specifically designed for ensuring the safety of passengers of a vehicle. Sensors that can be incorporated into the seatbelts can track the physiological condition of the driver. It will be able to determine whether the driver is intoxicated or fatigued. If the driver fails any of these tests conducted by the sensors, then the vehicle will become inoperable. This can avoid different potential threats caused by a drunk or fatigued driver.

Autonomous Cars

The invention of self-driving cars including Tesla and Google cars made the idea of autonomous cars a reality. Now a lot of states are implementing different laws for promoting the use of such cars and also for supporting the development of these technologies. This new transportation technology has impacted driving significantly. It helped in eliminating the errors caused by human drivers.

However, there are still a lot of concerns and confusion existing regarding the safety of driverless cars. But more research is going on this field for developing improved technologies that can be useful for reducing the concerns about self-driving cars. It is believed that this research will make it possible to develop flawless autonomous cars that can remove human control from the vehicle.

On-Demand Ride Services

The introduction of services like Uber and Lyft caused dramatic changes in how people in big cities find their transportation. With such facilities, a rider can easily summon a vehicle to their location whenever they want it. There are mobile applications that can help you to find a vehicle easily and your ride is just a click away. These services are more convenient for users to travel point-to-point destinations.

In addition to this, the use of facilities like carpooling has also greatly increased where people can easily find a vehicle for their daily commute. There are also different mobile apps and websites that facilitate carpooling facilities. They can be a convenient option for you when compared to other public transportation facilities and less costly in comparison with hiring a taxi. Hence, a lot of people are depending on such technologies for the daily commute.

Lightweight Vehicle Materials

It has become necessary for automobile manufacturers to deliver vehicles that have great efficiency and excellent performance because of the growing competition in this field. This task can be accomplished with the help of lightweight vehicle materials. They can reduce fuel consumption, thereby increasing the performance of a vehicle.

Vehicle manufacturers are now moving away from steel and cast iron. Some important candidates that have the potential to replace these metals in the near future include magnesium-aluminum alloys as well as carbon fiber construction. This modern transportation technology will be useful in creating vehicles with high performance and lightweight.

A lot of new technologies are being introduced in the transportation sector for improving its efficiency. These technologies have helped to facilitate enhancements in everyday driving. Different transportation technologies are still being introduced in this field that could reshape the sector completely.

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