Can You Travel With CBD?

It has only been a few years since CBD became popular among people. Now many people are using it for the treatment of different conditions like epilepsy, seizure, etc. It is also considered as a cure for both inflammatory and neuropathic pain. However, some people are not considering CBD as a medicine but as a nutritional supplement because it is a storehouse of iron, calcium and protein.

The number of users of CBD is increasing on a daily basis. Due to its medicinal qualities and increasing demand, more producers are also entering the market. Since it is a successor of marijuana, many countries were not ready to make it legal in the initial stage but now, it is legal in most parts of the world. During 2018, the federal government of the USA also passed the farm bill making CBD legal in their national territory.

Due to high availability and the therapeutic benefits, many people have replaced their existing medication for conditions like hypertension, epilepsy, migraine, etc. with CBD. Due to the severity of these conditions, most of these people are in need of CBD on a daily basis. However, there is a major problem faced by people using CBD regularly. Due to unclear rules and regulations, it is hard for them to find out whether it is legal to travel with CBD. The following are some of the basic factors that must be known about CBD to determine whether it is okay to carry it during a journey.

Hemp CBD And Cannabis CBD

CBD is an element present in the plants of cannabis family. Presently, manufacturers are using cannabis sativa plant and the cannabis indica plant to extract CBD. Even if the derived substance is same, it is legal to use only the CBD extracted from the cannabis sativa plant or the hemp plant. This is because the cannabis indica plant has a high concentration of THC along with CBD. Therefore, during some extraction process, the CBD may get contaminated and it may make the user psychoactive. To reduce this risk, most CBD producers are using the hemp plant for making CBD products.

Concentration Of THC

THC is a similar element like CBD that is found in the cannabis plant. The users of cannabis or marijuana feel psychotropic effects due to the presence of this element. Hence, the regulating authorities governing the sale and production of CBD products have made strict rules regarding the concentration of THC in a CBD product. The risk of increase in the presence of THC is the main reason to restrict producers from using cannabis plant for making CBD products. However, in most of the places, CBD products with 0.30 percent of THC are legal.

The above mentioned are some of the basic factors that needs to be understood about CBD and CBD products. Every CBD user must have this knowledge to choose their products wisely. If you are planning to make a journey to your nearby state or to another country, and if you are a patient having CBD regularly, you must ensure certain matters before taking CBD along with you. The following are a few things that must be followed whether it is an international or domestic travel.

Keep The Third Party Lab Certificate

As per the rules and regulations concerning CBD, it is mandatory to produce a third party lab certificate along with every CBD product. As per the law, it is not necessary to issue a copy of the certificate to the consumers with every product but the manufacturer must publish the same in their official website or must deliver it to consumers through email as per their requests. This certificate is an evidence for both the consumers and the authorities to ensure that the quality of a product is not compromised.

Everyone planning to take CBD during their journey must keep a copy of this certificate handy and it must be produced to the authorities during an enquiry regarding the CBD product that they are carrying. However, they must ensure that the certificate is genuine and it is issued by a credible laboratory or else the authenticity of the product will be ambiguous and it may negatively affect your journey.

Pack CBD Properly

This is not all about packing the product in a manner that it does not get spilt or spoiled. If you are planning a journey, and if you have a huge luggage, make sure that CBD is packed in your carry bag and not in your luggage bag. If you are packing CBD in your luggage bag, the airport authorities may get suspicious and they may ask you to show the product. This will take a lot of time and can even lead to cancellation of the journey. If you are placing it in your carry bag, you can easily produce it to any authorized personnel if necessary. In addition to that, it helps you to take CBD easily during the journey without breaking your routine.

Those people who are planning to carry CBD during journey must make sure to keep CBD in their original containers. This is to increase its authenticity. If you are keeping CBD product in a different container, the authorized personnel may not be able to verify the same with the certificate you are producing along with the product.

Understand The Local Laws

CBD is a substance that has a lot of medicinal benefits. Even though it is legal in most parts of the world, some countries have not yet made it legal because it is derived from a potential drug. In addition to that in some countries the central government has made it legal but the state governments are following rules which is restricting the use of CBD within their state territory. For example, the federal government of the USA has made CBD legal but 3 states of USA are still restricting the production and sale of CBD products. Therefore, it is necessary to make a proper understanding about the CBD laws of your travel destination. It is also mandatory to make sure that there are no local rules restricting the usage of the same.

Check The Type Of Product

CBD is available in so many different forms such as oils, pills, dabs, edibles, creams, lotions, etc. Even though the substances used in making these products are same, it all has some special characteristics for the treatment of certain conditions. If you are planning to carry CBD in your journey, make sure that the type of product you are using is legal at your travel destination. For example, in some places like Illinois in USA, only CBD oils, pills and tinctures are legal but in some other places like Colorado, people are free to use any type of CBD products. Therefore, before starting a journey, not only make sure that CBD is legal, but also ensure that the type of product you are carrying is usable at your destination.

Verify The TSA Guidelines

If you are travelling by air, there is a set of guidelines that needs to be followed by every passenger. There are also many rules and regulations governing the total luggage that can be carried in both carry bag and the luggage bag. In the USA, the public transport sector including the air transportation is governed by the Transportation Security Administration or TSA. For security reasons, this agency has prohibited carrying medical marijuana during a flight journey.

Till 2018, CBD was also a restricted item as per the TSA guidelines. However, after the enactment of farm bill, they removed restriction on CBD with certain conditions. As per TSA guidelines, you can carry only hemp derived CBD products with low concentration of THC in a plane. However, it is mandatory to check the TSA guidelines before starting your journey and to make sure that you complied with all the rules mentioned.

Check The Quantity Of The Product

There are certain rules which restrict people to carry only a certain quantity of goods during a flight trip. This is to make sure that the person is taking the goods for personal use and not for reselling purposes. This rule is applicable while carrying CBD products also. If you are planning to travel by air, make sure not to carry big quantity of CBD products. Even if you are not planning to return in a short period, try to arrange CBD from your destination than carrying bulk quantities. If you are suffering from any condition and if you are in need of CBD during journey, make sure not to have it in strong dosage. This is because in some places, highly concentrated CBD is illegal.

The above mentioned are some matters that should be considered if you are planning to carry CBD during your journey. If you are travelling from one place to another, it is advised not to carry any CBD products because the laws regarding the usage and transportation of CBD might be unclear. In some countries like the United States of America, the regulations governing the use of CBD is very complicated because it is different in each part of the country. However, if you are in need of CBD products, it would be better to carry a prescription or a recommendation letter from any medical practitioner stating that you are suffering from any condition and CBD is a medicine for your treatment. In addition to that, it would be better to carry CBD products of recognized brands to avoid suspicion.

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