Some Important Concerns About Self-Driving Cars

modern tranDriverless Transport Systemsportation technology
Driverless Transport System
modern tranDriverless Transport Systemsportation technology
Driverless Transport System

Self-driving cars have become a reality in today’s world. Driverless transport technologies are bringing tremendous changes in the transportation sector. Auto-makers and tech companies are trying to create the best autonomous vehicles that are reliable and efficient. Even though the number of driverless cars on the roads is low, this technology will create a great breakthrough in the automobile industry in the near future.

However, there are still many concerns about driverless transport systems among people. The security, safety, and performance of these cars are among the biggest concerns among people. Even though driverless transport technology has vast potential, it has some problems too. Therefore, through this article, we list some of the popular concerns about driverless cars.

Safety Concerns

Although technology has greatly progressed, computers still cannot match human intelligence. They won’t be able to take immediate action in an unexpected circumstance as humans do. A computer will only perform the actions that are fed on to them. Hence, they may not take appropriate actions in unexpected situations. Therefore, self-driving cars raise concerns about the safety of people driving in it and passengers of other vehicles when an unusual situation arises. So the safety of self-driving cars is still up for debate.


Another important concern about driverless cars is the hacking of them. As these systems entirely depend on software and hardware that are connected through networks, there is a great possibility for hackers to gain control of these vehicles thereby using them as a weapon. By taking control of the vehicle, a hacker will be able to create accidents purposefully. This can pose a great threat to people in the car, other passengers, and pedestrians.

Even though automobile manufacturers are trying to identify and resolve the safety issues associated with driverless cars, hackers will find a new way to exploit this technology.


This is an indirect consequence of driverless transport. A lot of people use driving as their means of living. Hence, the wide use of autonomous cars can result in unemployment.


Self-driving cars can be very costly, hence, it may not be possible for everyone to own them. A lot of changes and advancements are yet to happen in this field so that it will be possible to make affordable self-driving cars that can be owned by common people.

Even though autonomous cars are creating a great uproar in the automobile industry, they lead to many concerns and consequences too. Therefore, you will have to wait some more years for the car-manufacturers to come up with highly reliable driverless cars.

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