Glimpse Into The Future Of Transportation

Technology In Transportation Industry
Technology In Transportation Industry
Technology In Transportation Industry
Technology In Transportation Industry

Technology and transportation have always been connected in some form. Technology, after all, helps bring in the thrilling phase of new transportation modes and is the driving force behind the next revolution in the field.

A Glimpse Into The Future

With technology allowing for better data gathering, such as the case of IoT (Internet of Things) you can easily achieve easy integration of real-time data from connected internet enabled devices. Using this very technology and many more, there is a steady entry of technology in the transportation industry. The goal, as many says, is to make transportation smarter.

Big Data, AI, pattern recognition and many other advancements in the field of technology, will help in setting the next big boom in the transportation industry in the coming years. However, the cogs of innovation have already begun to move, and there are some interesting transportation technologies that we can expect to see soon. Take a look:

New Technological Innovations

  • Lightweight Vehicles

Automobile manufacturers are on the chase to delivering vehicles that are high on performance and not slackening in efficiency either. There have been studies that have pointed out the reduction of vehicle weight by 10% and fuel efficiency increasing by 7%. One of the ways that this has happened is how lightweight materials are being used such as carbon-fiber construction rather than iron and steel.

  • Delivery Drones

Drones have carved out a nice niche for itself, and many companies such as UPS, Amazon, and Microsoft all want a piece of this money pie. Drones that can carry packages to you, without having to tread tire means that it can save time, but nevertheless, it is a technological challenge.

  • HyperLoop

Many of you must have seen concept photos and videos plastered all over the net. It certainly is a trending technology that involves using the properties of a forced vacuum to transport people and goods from one point to another. The speeds it can touch can theoretically exceed 700 mph. The Hyperloop project is developing at different locations all over the globe. The best thing about this mode of transport is how well it will help reduce the complexities of inner-city transport. The hyperloop alone will set the tone for the ongoing 21st century.

We are in the middle of something amazing in the transportation industry. To be part of this phase of our civilization’s advancement, and seeing science charge ahead is truly amazing to witness.

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