What Are The Pros And Cons Of Driverless Cars?

Driverless Cars
Driverless Cars
Driverless Cars
Driverless Cars

Autonomous cars ruling the road is a thing of the future that isn’t near but that definitely is going to be a part of the future. When it comes to autonomous cars, public opinions are often divided, with many seeing it as a dangerous idea while others see it as an impressive innovation.

In this article, we conduct a rough analysis of autonomous cars by exploring its pros and cons equally.

What Are The Advantages Of Autonomous Cars?

Autonomous cars have various advantages including:

Economic Benefits

If autonomous cars are entirely integrated within our transport systems, our society will get immense economic benefits out of it. Even a small percentage of the decrease in road crashes will help a country’s economy save millions of dollars.

Decreased Road Fatalities Due To Human Errors

About 90 percent of road fatalities are caused by human errors like drunken driving, speeding and distractions during the drive that may be coming from the outside or inside the vehicle. With autonomous cars, humans no longer have to handle the manual driving task that helps lessen the chances of fatalities due to human errors.

Accessibility To People Who Cannot Drive

Age or disability can stop people from driving. With the arrival of fully autonomous cars, people that were previously seen as a driving risk can access the driving technology without putting the lives of others and them in danger.

Reduced Commute Times

Autonomous cars have the ability to sense other cars around and communicate with them, indicating that there is little possibility for traffic jams if all the cars on the road are autonomous. Automatic braking systems can overcome the shortcoming of longer reaction times of some drivers and avoid nose-to-tail crashes.

Useful For People Who Don’t Enjoy Driving

Driving is an enjoyable experience for some but not all. Many car users see the time they spent driving the car as a necessity rather than a fun activity. With autonomous cars, they do not have to pay much attention on the roads and can use the driving time for some other activities.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Autonomous Cars?

Here are some of the disadvantages of autonomous cars:

Criminal Hacking

Like with all automated systems, autonomous cars are also at the risk of criminal hacking or getting crashed due to a glitch or error. If a hacker gains access to a car’s software, he/she can reprogram that car in whatever way they want.

Tough Decisions

In some cases, drivers are left with two options, both equally bad. Consider for example a person is suddenly walking into the road right in front of the car that is moving aside a concrete barrier. Here, the driver has two options, either hit the person or swerve the car off to the side of the concrete barrier risking his own life, two equally tough options. The actions that an autonomous vehicle would take in such instances leaves everyone feeling divided.

Autonomous cars haven’t yet become a common thing and it will take many years for these cars to be accepted by all.

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