What Are The Benefits Of Self Driving Cars?

New Transportation Technology
New Transportation Technology
New Transportation Technology
New Transportation Technology

The technology in the transportation sector is changing rapidly. With the new advancement in artificial intelligence, it seems that the future cars won’t have any drivers. Self driving cars will take over the roads in the near future. Many big companies like Google and BMW are heavily investing on driverless transport technology.

Let’s discuss about some of the important advantages of driverless cars.

Benefits Of Self Driving Cars

Better Road Safety

According to statistics, an average of 1.25 million people around the world dies from road accidents every year. These numbers are rising each year. The main reason for road accidents is human negligence. Human errors account for 90 % of road accidents. With fully automated vehicles, there is no room for human error and there will be a significant reduction in road accidents.

Less Traffic

Research says that the United States is the fifth most congested country in the world. Every year, drivers in the United States spend an average of 41 hours in traffic jams. The main reason for this may be the people’s negligence to the traffic laws. Following the basic traffic rules can reduce traffic jams for some extend. With the new transportation technology, the cars will be able to communicate with each other and can optimize routes for each car.

Environmental Benefits

With the increase in the number of vehicles each year, the carbon emission is also increasing, which accelerates global warming. Statistics show that about 30 % of global warming emissions are from the U.S transportation sector. The carbon emissions from a vehicle increases during high speed, sudden braking and re-acceleration, etc. Self-driving cars are equipped with modern technology that helps to maintain a consistent driving speed and safe distance between the other cars on the road. This reduces the chances of sudden braking and re-acceleration and thus reduces emissions.

Increased Efficiency

One of the important benefits of self driving cars are they increase efficiency. Driverless transport will help humans to save valuable time. With system controls and artificial intelligence controlling the driving, you can sit in the back seat and do your work without keeping an eye on the road.

Useful For The Elderly

When self driving cars become popular, the elderly and disabled people will get the most benefits. With the help of self driving cars, they do not need to depend on others to move around for their needs. They can use a self driving car without a driver’s license.

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