Pros And Cons Of Self-Driving Cars

Lots of new technologies are being introduced in the transportation sector. We are not far away from seeing driverless cars taking over the roads. Experts are saying that driverless transport will be the future of the transportation sector.

The concept of the driverless car has been around for decades. But up until recently, no one had made a significant breakthrough in this new transportation technology. Many leading companies like Google, BMW, Audi, etc. are making huge investments in the self-driving car market.

All technologies are made with the aim of doing good things for mankind. In the case of self-driving cars also there are so many benefits. But they also have some drawbacks. Keep on reading this article to find out the pros and cons of self-driving cars.

Advantages Of Self-Driving Cars

Less Road Accidents

Thousands of people die in road accidents every year. Most of the road accidents happen around the world is due to the mistake of the driver. Drink driving, speeding, and distraction in and outside of the vehicle are some of the main human errors that cause accidents. With the new technology of self-driving cars, there will be a significant reduction in the number of road accidents around the world. Self-driving cars use advanced technologies to avoid accidents caused by human errors.

Beneficial For People Who Cannot Drive

There are millions of people all around the world who have restricted mobility because of age or disability. Older adults may not have the physical capability of driving a car. This may restrict them from going out for their needs. People with a disability also do not have a lot of options to go out on their own. For such people using public transport is very difficult. With the introduction of self-driving cars, they won’t need any driver’s license or driving test to have access to self-driving cars.

Beneficial For Environment

No one has any doubt regarding the air pollution caused by vehicles. Braking, re-accelerating, over speeding, etc. can cause large emission of pollutants from a vehicle. This will increase the level of atmospheric pollution. If you are using a self-driving car, it maintains a consistent speed and safe distance from the nearby cars. This avoids the possibility of sudden braking and re-accelerating, and thereby reduces the carbon emission. Most of the companies that try to implement self-driving cars are looking to develop more efficient electric self-driving cars rather than vehicles with a combustion engine.

Driverless Cars Follow Traffic Rules

Following traffic rules is very difficult for humans. They often tend to break traffic rules and that may cause accidents most of the time. Self-driving cars do not have that problem. They strictly follow every traffic rules and this will significantly improve traffic management and reduce commute times. They travel at a safe distance from the vehicle in the front and avoid nose-to-tail crashes that usually happen at traffic signals. Self-driving cars also strictly follow the speed limit to avoid the possibility of accidents caused by rash driving.

Advantages Disadvantages
Reduce accidents Job loss
Environmental benefits Legal and ethical issues
Follow traffic rules Privacy loss
Accessible to those who can’t drive Commuting issues

Disadvantages Of Self-Driving Cars

Loss Of Jobs

There are millions of people around the world that make a living by operating transport vehicles. When other people start to use self-driving vehicles, they will lose their job and are forced to look for new employment. Self-driving cars affect the jobs of taxi drivers, delivery drivers of fast food industries, and also truck-drivers who transport goods all across the country. The livelihood of all these people will be negatively impacted by the introduction of this new transportation technology.

Commuting Issues May Arise

It is a good thing that self-driving cars follow traffic rules strictly. But it also causes some problems. The chances of traffic getting slower and less organic are very high. This is mainly because self-driving cars do not yet have the capability of improvising or make decisions like a human or make any judgment calls. Driverless cars are slow and this makes them unsafe and frustrating to share roads with regular cars.

Complications With Legal Issues

Most of the self-driving car developers claim that they are crash-proof and accident-proof. But we all know that technology is not always perfect. If somehow a driverless car crashes, there arises a question about who is to be blamed for the accident; the owner or the manufacturer. The police will have a hard time making a case report. This sparks the debate on the legal and ethical issues and raises questions on financial accountability.

Loss Of Privacy

There are a lot of privacy issues that will arise when you use a self-driving car. The technology used in self-driving cars depends upon self-learning techniques. They collect location-based data and other sensitive information to upgrade. This also means that a third-party can access all the information about your movement. Your car is constantly in communication with the data centers and this allows a person or an organization to hack into the system and get information on your location.

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