How Self Driving Cars Impact The Environment?

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Driverless Cars
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Driverless Transport

Every day the technology is advancing and continues to improve our life. Internet, smartphones, artificial intelligence, etc. are making human lives better. The introduction of self driving cars makes our lives even better. With this modern technology in transport, there will be so much improvement in our day-to-day life.

Self-driving cars are made to reduce human errors that could lead to accidents. The computerized navigation system will take the passengers safely to their destinations. One of the main features of a self driving car is its environmental impact.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of self driving cars to the environment.

Pros Of self Driving Cars

A recent study has shown that widespread use of self driving cars could reduce the energy consumption in transportation by 90%. More than 30% of carbon emissions are coming from fossil fuels used in automobiles. If you use a driverless transport system, you can reduce the carbon emission because self driving cars are designed with a computerized system that helps to conserve fuel by choosing the fuel-efficient routes.

Driverless cars can move faster and you can travel safer in them when compared to a car driven by a person. This will help to reduce traffic and congestion. The build-in adaptive cruise control is one of the main features of self driving cars. This technology helps the car to automatically shift into the electric mode to save fuel. Since the computerized system accelerates and brakes smoothly, the carbon emissions from the self driving cars are less.

Cons Of Self Driving Cars

Some experts believe that with the use of self driving cars, car travel would become easier and convenient. That means there will be a huge increase in the total miles traveled by vehicles and this could increase the energy consumption by 200 %. Most people today are not taking many trips because of the difficulty of driving a car in heavy traffic. When driving becomes easier, they might make trips regularly.

Many people are currently living in rented apartments and houses to live near their place of work. This is for avoiding the hassle of driving through heavy traffic every day. With self driving cars, people can live in their own homes, which might be further away from their work. That means the cars will be on the road for a longer period of time and it will result in increased usage of energy and fuel.

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