Impact Of AI On Transportation Technology

Future Transport Technology
Future Transport Technology
Future Transport Technology
Future Transport Technology

In the last decade, Artificial Intelligence only had a theoretical existence because it was only an idea in the development stage. But now, we can find the existence of AI in our surroundings. In simple words, AI or Artificial Intelligence can be described as a machine with human-like thinking capabilities. This includes the ability of machines not only to function logically without any human interference but also to learn new skills from human behavior and actions. AI has a lot of applications ranging from management of the huge database to performing calculations independently. This technology can also be effectively applied to our future transport technologies. The following are some expected advancements in the transport sector that can be achieved with the proper application of artificial intelligence.

Self Driving Vehicles

Many vehicle manufacturers and other industries have come up with the idea of self driving vehicles. Some companies like Google have already made prototype versions of this concept. However, none of the companies are ready to commercialize their concept because those vehicles are not yet ready to move along with the vehicles driven by real people. But with the proper application of AI technology, we can expect self driving cars and other vehicles on the road in the near future.

Traffic Management

Traffic signals are the most effective tool that can be used to control many vehicles at the same time. But, the technology used in the functioning of traffic signals is obsolete because it is working on a predetermined pattern. Therefore, in most places, people are appointed to control traffic signals effectively. AI intelligence is a permanent solution for traffic management. Adding AI to the traffic management system will effectively control heavy traffics in self-generated patterns.

Real Time Information

Air transportation has become more affordable these days. For this reason, there is an increase in the number of people making use of air transportation. One of the major drawbacks of air transportation is the poor information system in use. Many people are forced to waste a lot of their time in the waiting area of the airport due to delays in the arrival of flights. This problem can be effectively managed with artificial intelligence systems. The duties of calculation and prediction of the delays in flights can be safely transferred to AI systems.

The above mentioned are some of the important changes that can be brought about with AI in the transport sector.

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